About Suba Hotels

Company Ethos


Demonstrating Our Global Approach to Business At our organization, we prioritize both individual and collective responsibility. This reflects our commitment to ethical business practices and ensures that everyone feels confident and secure in their work. 


Highlighting Our Organization's Core Value. At the heart of our organization is a team of dependable and skilled professionals. They are committed to providing exceptional service that caters to the diverse needs of our customers, thereby guaranteeing our company's success. 


Prioritizing Strong Stakeholder Relationships Through Respect, Support, and Customer Satisfaction We value the cultivation of strong relationships with our stakeholders by providing our team, peers and partners with respect and support to achieve great results that meet our customers' expectations. 

Our Vision

Committed to Excellence and Achievement of the Highest Level of Standards in Hospitality.”.
Each year, SUBA Hotels adds new properties via acquisitions or new creations to our portfolio in India, the Middle East, and Africa with an aspiration of over 2200 rooms by 2022. While this growth reflects the success and strength of the brand, the team is dedicated to progressing with a focused goal of compassion, commitment, and creativity in all that we do.

Our Mission

We aim at offering excellent hospitality services with sheer passion and respect for our guests. Our focus is to offer affordable luxury, mark our presence in key destinations and embark on a network of properties that are within the reach of our customers. Expanding the number of rooms and enhancing our service is our primary goal.

A Brief History of Suba Hotels

The Mehta family forayed into the world of hospitality with Suba Guest House in the year 1977 (Run by Mr Abubaker Mehta), offering just 10 rooms. this guest house was later renamed as Hotel Suba Palace, Mumbai.

Born into a house of visionaries, Mr Mansur Mehta is a true powerhouse of success, conviction and perseverance. Today his son, Mr Mubeen Mehta, popularly known as the NextGen CEO assists him to take the company to the next level!

Suba Hotels is a hospitality conglomerate with a mark of elegance since its initiation in 1977.

Experience Suba Hospitality across 60 prominent destinations. Suba Hotels, Click Hotels and 1589 Hotels along with Choice Hotels now present unmatched stays, fabulous facilities and supreme hospitality through its 5000+ rooms in 90+ impressive hotels. Indulge in the comforts of contemporary conveniences & splendid services. 

A group that has always believed in offering services par excellence, we strive to offer guests comfort and style in tandem with redefining modern-day hosting. We understand that being a hotelier is a people's business and that is what drives us all the way.

Your Happiness, Our Triumph

Our success is dependant on how our guests, associates, and staff perceive our brand value.

With 60 functioning hotels across India, Suba Hotels' foremost mission is to offer an unsurpassed level of service and experience for all guests. The spirit of hospitality lies at the core of our group, to provide our guests with pleasurable and memorable stays. This is a major driving factor behind the energetic performance of our entire team. Suba Hotels & Click Hotels along with 1589 Hotels and Choice Hotels, promise our guests positive change, continued growth, and productivity.