A Brief History Of Suba Hotels

Suba Hotels forayed into the hospitality world with a humble presence in South Mumbai, India, in 1996 - Hotel Suba Palace. Today, the group houses 12 hotels across India with two strong brands - Suba Hotels and Click Hotels. Our hotels feature 700+ rooms and we aim to add 250+ rooms by the end of the current year, in addition to rapid expansion in Africa, India, and the UAE.

Suba Hotels is a group of 3 & 4-star hotels promising affordable luxury, while Click Hotels is a new-age 2-star hotel brand with the concept of Bed + Breakfast + Broadband to ensure a pleasant stay experience for modern travellers.

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Lap Of Luxury

A peaceful slumber is what every guest looks forward to at the end of the day. To relax and be comfortable on the bed whilst in the room, our hotels offer state-of-art amenities, including a unique 'Pillow Menu'.

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Beautiful Mornings

A rich and delicious breakfast guarantees a great mood for the whole day. At each of our hotels, we offer a wide and healthy spread for breakfast for you to enjoy. 

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Chauffeur to Airports 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step of comfort, luxury, and safety. We at Suba Hotels take immense pride in being your chauffeur.

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Stay Connected

We serve you strong coffee and an even stronger Wi-Fi network. Suba Hotels understands the nerve of the current generation and ensures that you remain connected to the digital world 24x7.