Facilities at Click Resort Sparsh, Bareilly

Pool 2

Swimming Pool

Take a refreshing break from a long day and unwind by the pool. Whether you choose to swim or simply relax, treat yourself to some happiness and rejuvenation.

Travel Desk at a resort

Travel Desk

Make the most of your getaway with our travel desk, available to assist you in planning your trip across Bareilly. Let us help you chart the perfect plan for your journey.

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Complimentary Wi-Fi

Stay seamlessly connected with the world by taking advantage of our high-speed Wi-Fi options. Whether you need to browse casually, work remotely, or indulge in entertainment, our high speed Wi-Fi has got you covered.

spacious parking area in Bareilly

Spacious Parking

Our hotel provides ample parking space for guests, ensuring that your vehicle is safe and secure during your stay.