Facilities at Click Hotel LH Seven, Morbi


Outdoor/Industrial Catering

Click Hotel LH Seven offers delectable outdoor food catering facilities to Industries and Companies.

an image of an vehicle getting electrically charged

EV Charging Facilities

Now charge your electric vehicle at ease at our hotel in Morbi.

an image of cars parked under the shade of the trees


Click Hotel LH Seven comes with a spacious area dedicated to vehicle parking.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Beat the heat and go for a swim in our crystal clear water at our swimming pool in Click Hotel LH Seven, Morbi.

an image of Wi-Fi placed against a semi-transparent glass

Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected to the world and enjoy high-speed internet from the comfort of our hotel rooms at Morbi.

a basket containing egg omlette, tea and blueberry

Breakfast Buffet

Start your day with an appetising breakfast buffet spread at Click Hotel.