Cinnamon Industrial Catering By Suba Hotels

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Suba Hotels offers Industrial Catering services via its F&B division's mega kitchen under the Cinnamon Brand. Through this initiative, we offer various meal options with a perfect balance of Quantity and Quality at affordable prices as a way for organisations to take care fo their employees.

Ideal for office staff, factory workers, industrial plant staff members, and the likes, our meals are healthy, crafted with quality ingredients, and at the same time offer cost-effective solutions to the numerous institutions that we cater to. 

Today, Cinnamon Industrial Catering is currently serving 10000 meals a day in 3 locations. 

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High-quality (fresh & dry) ingredients are selected from all across the country and beyond as to prepare quality meals. Thorough QC Checks are executed as per SOP guidelines laid out by the Management.

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High-Quality ingredients are handled by experienced and well-trained chefs and allied staff members to ensure consistency in taste and quantity over time.

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We have appropriate industrial cool and dry storage of all the products, separated strictly into veg and non-veg items to ensure complete care.

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Each meal is hygienically packed with complete safety and care to avoid spillage in transportation from the kitchen to the counter. The containers used for packaging these products are of high quality and ensure smooth delivery.
All our consignments are safely delivered in our very own dedicated delivery vehicles. We also ensure on-time delivery on a regular basis.

Hygiene – We follow the 5 Cs!!

Cleaning- Sanitization controls include procedures, practices, and processes to ensure that the facility is maintained in a sanitary condition to significantly minimize or prevent hazards such as environmental pathogens, biological hazards due to employee handling, and food allergen hazards. 

Cooking- Proper food preparation is another key factor in operating a hygienic kitchen or takeaway business. Taking precautionary steps during preparation also helps to prevent food poisoning and ensure food is safe to eat. 

Chilling- The chilling process slows the growth of microorganisms that inhibits the activity of enzymes. Foods are stored, displayed, and transported at safe temperatures, and prepared at safe temperatures. 

Cross-contamination – Cross-contamination of food is a major deterrent in the FNB Industry. We at Suba, ensure the basics of cooking right from washing hands to utensils to tabletops, and while following other procedures to ensure ZERO Contamination.

Covid Guidelines - We at Suba, believe Health is Wealth!! We strictly follow all covid guidelines laid by the government to ensure the safety of our team and patrons.

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Upon request, we also extend our hospitality services with the industrial catering for Food Serving, Individually Packaged Meals, Event Management & Hospitality Management services.



As per local & national standards, our industrial catering division holds the necessary certifications and licenses and follows the highest level of compliance guidelines for our patrons' health, safety, and hygiene.

5 Decades in Customer service

The company has completed 5 decades in customer service in various industries and has successfully carved a niche for itself!
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